We Are Custom Solution Provider.

Synergy is devoted to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity to ensure our credibility with customers and suppliers. All Synergy employees follow the laws and regulations of the country where they operate and fulfil their obligations in a professional manner.

For over 30 years, Synergy Engineering has specialized in the design and manufacture of large drive systems, electrical distribution equipment and has provided automation solutions.

Our main focus and expertise are concentrated on meeting the needs of the mining and petroleum sectors worldwide, including engineered solutions for material handling application, various types of substations or design and develop controls. In addition, we are well established in energy or marine sectors. Our team consists of engineers, technologists, technicians, drafters and designers. We promote an equal opportunity employment and our team speaks several languages. We stand behind our product and service our equipment worldwide.

What Do We Do At Synergy?

Synergy Engineering Ltd. Is a dynamic and innovative company with strong engineering expertise in the areas of communication, programming, design and manufacturing. We provide complete end-to-end solutions for medium and large scope industrial and energy sectors. We are well established and known for our expertise in material handling applications. We also provide wide spectrum of electrical power distribution services as well as the instrumentation and control. We can simply offer a turn-key solution or individually requested product.

We are a dynamic and innovative company with expertise in the areas of drive systems, power distribution, and automation. We provide complete end-to-end solutions for the mining and energy sectors. We are a globally recognized and trusted partner for large material handling applications. We strive to add value to our client's projects through the entire life cycle from feasibility studies through to operation.