Synergy’s mission is to meet the industry need for technologically advanced Engineered Drives & Drive Systems, assuring our sustainable growth while fully respecting our environmental and social responsibilities.


We will enhance our reputation both as an international leader in the development and delivery of technologically advanced Engineered Drives & Drive Systems and as an effective systems integrator through continued leveraging of our expert capabilities in power distribution, drives, instrumentation and control.

We will be recognized by our customers for contributing to their success through the supply of safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

We will be recognized within our industry, by our business partners and by our employees for the innovative and synergistic use of resources while embracing the highest possible standards of professional, ethical, environmental, and social behaviour.


Synergy’s Values form the guiding principles for our attitudes and behaviour. They have been set out here to help us all pull in the same direction and act as a cohesive team.

Customer Focus

Customer focus is crucial for growth and profitability.

We give constant attention to customer needs:  

  • Customer requirements should be known and responded to immediately throughout our organization.  
  • We listen to and understand our customers.  Direct contacts with them have priority over internal meetings.

We remove roadblocks that prevent employees from better serving customers:  

  • We eliminate organizational complexities and internal procedures that limit our ability to satisfy our customers.

Employee Focus

Employee focus at Synergy means fairness, openness, respect and confidence in our relations with each other.

Our success depends upon the combined capabilities and contributions of all our people.  

Our goal is to be the employer of choice.

We nurture a safe work environment that challenges, recognizes and rewards each individual while fostering teamwork and promoting active participation.  

Corporate Unity

We leverage our diversity to create a unified organization greater than the sum of its parts.

To make use of our unique strengths, we demonstrate and enhance mutual confidence, respect, and trust among our organizational units and among our people as individuals.

Within our company, we promote attitudes that contribute to internal cooperation and support across organizational units, and we understand that there are different ways of achieving results.  What works well in one local and cultural context may not work equally well in another. 

We listen carefully in order to understand other viewpoints.  We remain flexible, open and generous in discussing complex questions.

Business Ethics

High Business Ethics and Integrity ensure our credibility with customers, suppliers, government officials, contractual partners, and others with whom we deal.  

All Synergy employees follow the laws and regulations of the country where they operate and fulfil their obligations in a professional manner.

We make every effort to fulfill our obligations to our customers, suppliers and other commercial partners in a thoroughly professional manner.

As a professional engineering firm, we honour our ethical commitment to pursue improvements in product and safety standards and the betterment of society as a whole.

Environmental Awareness and Social Responsibility

Synergy conducts its operations in harmony with the environment and with the communities in which it does business.

We educate, train and motivate our employees to carry out their tasks safely and in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Action Orientation

Every Synergy employee is expected to be a ‘manager’ in their area of responsibility.  

Every Synergy manager must be a driving force for change and development:

  • Taking action and doing the right thing is obviously best.  
  • Taking action, discovering you have made an incorrect choice, and quickly correcting it is second best.  
  • Creating delays or losing opportunities is the worst course of action.

We implement decisions as rapidly as possible:  

  • Decisions should be taken as soon as the relevant information has been compiled.  
  • The need for more detailed investigation is often an excuse for delaying, if not avoiding, a decision.  
  • Once we have a good factual base, we cut off further research – and act.

We empower all our managers to resolve problems in their area of responsibility quickly and not delegate them to a higher management level.