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Synergy Engineering Ltd. (Synergy) is recognized in the Large Scale Materials Handling industry as an international leader in the development of technologically advanced Engineered Drive Systems and for the integration of industrial systems spanning power distribution, drives, and instrumentation & control.

Synergy is a highly successful engineered systems provider for:

  • Large-scale material handling applications
  • Engineered drive system applications for conveying, crushers, mills, pumps
  • Electrical switchgear and mining substations

Through the revitalization of traditional mechanical technology, adapted to modern engineering principles and advanced digital communications systems, Synergy delivers safe reliable cost-effective end-to-end solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Initially focused on mining operations in British Columbia and the Alberta oil sands, Synergy continues to grow its export business in Chile, Peru, Indonesia and the USA, successfully competing against the world's largest engineering-electrical-manufacturing companies.

As a large-scope solution provider, Synergy is engaged in engineering, designing, supplying, commissioning, and training as well as after-sales support of electrical engineering packages including Power Distribution, Motors and Drives, and Instrumentation & Control. Synergy also provides smaller scale solutions and products in each of these three business units, which also function as stand-alone offerings.

Formed in 1987, Synergy Engineering Ltd. is a 100% employee-owned company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with operational locations in Edmonton, Alberta, and Santiago, Chile, home of its wholly owned Chilean subsidiary, Synergy Ingeneria Ltda.

Synergy personnel are also engaged in on-site projects around the world with major ongoing activities in North America, South America and Asia.


Synergy's mission is to meet the industry need for technologically advanced engineered drives and drive systems, assuring our sustainable growth while fully respecting our environmental and social responsibilities.


We will enhance our reputation, both as an international leader in the development and delivery of technologically advanced engineered drives and drive systems, and as an effective systems integrator through continued leveraging of our expert capabilities in power distribution, drive systems, and instrumentation & control.

Synergy will be recognized by our customers for contributing to their success through the supply of safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We will be highly respected within our industry, by our business partners and by our employees, for the innovative and synergistic use of resources while embracing the highest possible standards of professional, ethical, environmental and social behaviour.


Synergy's values form the guiding principles for our attitudes and behaviour. They have been set out here to help us all pull in the same direction and act as a cohesive team.