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Drives: VFD and DC Drives

Secondary Resistive Controllers are an area of extreme specialization for Synergy. In fact, we probably do it better than anybody else. But that doesn't mean we recommend SRC for every application.

At Synergy, our expertise includes variable frequency drives and DC drives. We understand the pros and cons of each. It's our task to engineer unique drive systems by analyzing the geographic imperatives of climate and terrain and operational objectives of the project. We match the right solution to each individual problem.


  • Wide range speed control 0-100%
  • Continuous speed control
  • Regenerative
  • Limited current inrush
  • Technology is constantly improving
  • Apron feeders, variable speed conveyors, variable speed pumps
  • Trade-offs:
    • $/Hp Harmonics generation
    • Limited torque
    • Technologically complex
    • Motor heating
    • Limited starts/hour
    • Load sharing
    • Controlled environment installation

    DC Drive:

  • Torque output increases as speed decreases
  • Ideal for crushing applications
  • Requires a DC source