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In an ongoing process, Synergy is engaged in continuous improvement through the building of high-tech tools that increase efficiency and turn-around times.

We write our own software to develop these tools in order to make the utmost of our capabilities. Our work includes creating new software programming for every one of our projects.

In September 2005, Synergy Engineering completed its third and strongest year of in-house user development on its engineering software package "Design It."

As a result, Synergy has moved into the implementation stage for the recently developed features and functionality for the large engineering project environment. This task requires thousands of engineering-deliverable documents and thousands of kilometres of cable.

Working in close cooperation with Blue Heron Software to add features and functionality to the base software, Synergy Engineering now has the flexibility to customize engineering deliverables for the diverse requirements of larger engineering projects for Synergy's materials handling system application customers.

This flexibility has already delivered dividends, increasing the capacity of Synergy Engineering to easily manage multiple large materials handling implementations.

Successful developments of 2005 include:

  • Document control and project management
  • Bulk material ordering and usage
  • Electrical and Instrumentation design documentation
  • Enhanced documentation for construction and maintenance

Synergy is committed to the continued development of its software tools to enhance our ability to provide our customers with cost effective, safe and effective materials handling solutions.

Our near-term software development targets include developing an interface between the data within the Design It database and our computer-aided drafting (CAD) software.