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At Escondida.

WHO WE ARE: Our Staff

Employee Focus

Employee focus at Synergy means fairness, openness, respect and confidence in our relations with each other. Our success depends upon the combined capabilities and contributions of all our people.

Our goal is to be the employer of choice. We nurture a safe work environment that challenges, recognizes and rewards each individual while fostering teamwork and promoting active participation.

Corporate Unity

We leverage our diversity to create a unified organization greater than the sum of its parts. To make use of our unique strengths, we demonstrate and enhance mutual confidence, respect, and trust among our organizational units and among our people as individuals.

Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity is a key element of our approach. Employing a multinational staff familiar with local languages and customs, Synergy personnel feel right at home anywhere in the world.

Positive Attitudes

Within our company, we promote attitudes that contribute to internal cooperation and support across organizational units, and we understand that there are different ways of achieving results. What works well in one local and cultural context may not work equally well in another. We listen carefully in order to understand other viewpoints. We remain flexible, open and generous in discussing complex questions.