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Scalable Delivery System: Our Business

Project Technologies

Drive System Technologies

Power System Technologies

Automation Technologies

Synergy Project Technologies

Draws together all the in-house resources to complete large integrated design-build projects without interdisciplinary conflicts.

The project team is assembled and works together during the engineering, design, manufacture and commissioning phases of the project.

The benefits of this single corporate technology team have been demonstrated on numerous projects with significant benefits in delivery, project cost, safety and reliability.

Synergy Drive System Technologies

Engaged in the design and manufacture large wound rotor motor drive systems for conveyors, crushers, mills, pumps and fans.

A highly skilled team of design engineers, manufacturing staff and field service personnel supports this industrial product.

In addition to wound rotor motor technology, Synergy offers Cycloconverter drives for high power, low speed, high torque industrial drive applications.

Synergy Power System Technologies

Brings together an experienced engineering team to design the power delivery systems to drive the massive machines of the materials handling industry.

The scope may vary from detailed design of complete power distribution systems to design and manufacture of individual electrical rooms, switchgear and substations.

Synergy Automation Technologies

This is a specialized team with extensive materials handling experience, provides solutions for the control, protection and motion of integrated industrial systems.

This team has successfully designed and commissioned conveying systems, crushers, ship loading and large pumping applications for some of the largest mining and material handling projects in the world.