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Universal Blower Pac
Positive displacement blower by Universal Blower Pac using a switched reluctance (SR) motor.

August 2011

Choose the Right Variable Speed Motor for Specific Equipment

Why and how do leading OEMs choose a variable speed motor for their equipment? While rated efficiency has been an important driver in the past and will continue to be one in the future, leading equipment and machinery manufacturers now use sophisticated variable speed technologies to radically redefine their products.

The developments in this field throughout the past decade allow OEMs to create smaller machines with greater functionality, fewer wear parts, higher uptime and much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the user.

In a rapidly globalizing business environment, every tool in the kit must be used – a custom-engineered switched reluctance (SR) motor-drive package perfectly optimized for your machine may be one important tool.

Synergy has a licensing agreement to supply the Nidec-SRDL SR drive system and has extensive expertise as a drive systems integrator for a wide range of materials handling project. As such, we are excited to add this drive type to our portfolio of offerings for key industry applications.
Click to see the complete article, "Trends in Variable Speed Technology" written by Tom Aloor, Nidec Motor Corporation.

top 25
October 2010

Synergy Engineering Ltd. a Finalist in "Top 25" BC Export Companies in 2010 BC Export Awards

For the third time in the past seven years Synergy Engineering Ltd. has been named a finalist in the BC Export Awards for its innovative approaches and unique contributions as a BC exporter.

This year Synergy Engineering has been named to BC's Top 25 Export companies by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, and is further nominated as one of the top 3 exporters in British Columbia in the "Professional and Services" sector. The winner will be selected on November 21, 2008.

The BC Export Awards annually seeks out BC's Top 25 Exporters and honours them for their excellence and achievement in nine categories, and will name one company as Exporter of the Year. The BC Export Awards are is co-hosted annually by CME and the Ministry of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development, and is the oldest awards ceremony of its kind in Canada.

The Top 25, selected from a over 500 nominations, demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the growth of the province's economy and have further strengthened our position in the global export market.

Synergy has been nominated for a BC Export Award on four earlier occasions, and has been honoured as a finalist on three of those occasions. 

To see the notification from the BC Export Awards committee, including names of the other Top 25 finalists, click here.



June 2009

Switched Reluctance Drives Provide Improved Solutions for High Starting Torque and Variable Speed Control in Severe Mining Applications

Synergy Engineering Ltd. and Switched Reluctance Drives Ltd (SRDL, a subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co.) today [June 4] announced their agreement to cooperate in the delivery of Switched Reluctance solutions to the Mining and the Materials Handling sectors.

Through a licensing arrangement, Synergy now has access to SRDL's core SR Drives® motor and control technology and existing designs, enabling Synergy to integrate the benefit of Switched Reluctance technology into engineered drive solutions for its Mining and Materials Handling customers around the globe.

Open-pit mine owners worldwide can expect immediate benefit from the integration of SR Drives® motor and control technology to provide higher torque over wider speed ranges, unlimited starts per hour, significantly extended stall times and higher efficiencies – all in a smaller package.

Furthermore, the absence of in-rush currents coupled with the fault tolerant power electronics provides a higher margin of reliability with reduced down-time and minimum sizing of up-stream power requirements.

Additional financial benefits to end-users are expected from reduced overall maintenance costs, simplified drive-trains and improved environmental performance.

Initially, Synergy will be responding to existing inquiries for SRDL's SR solutions in low to medium power applications such as feeders, and harsh environment traction and torque control applications, such as take-up winches.

The SR Drives® motor and control system is expected to become the first practical and cost effective alternative to a number of hydraulic drive applications.

For 20 years, Synergy has focused on creating innovative drive solutions to the unique application challenges of their customers in the Mining sector and in other large material handling industries.

For further information, contact:

R.W. Neuman, President, Synergy Engineering Ltd.

R.J. Blake, Managing Director, Switched Reluctance Drives Ltd.

What is Switched Reluctance Technology?

The Switched Reluctance system comprises a simple brushless motor with a dedicated electronic controller. Torque is produced by the magnetic attraction of a steel rotor to stator electromagnets. No permanent magnets are needed, and the rotor carries no "squirrel cage" or windings.

motor & stator spacer torque production
Rotor and stator from a three-phase
SR Drive® motor.
spacer Torque production within the
Switched Reluctance motor.

The rotor's position relative to the stator is detected using a simple hardware sensor or by electronic "sensorless" means. The controller then energizes each stator winding only when it can produce useful torque. By suitable timing of the stator excitation, the machine can operate as a motor or generator, with exceptional efficiency over a wide range of speed and torque.

Why Use SRDL's Switched Reluctance Technology?

Thanks to its inherent simplicity, SRDL's Switched Reluctance system is – both mechanically and electrically – highly robust. Properly designed and controlled, the motor yields high efficiency across a very wide range of load conditions, and outperforms conventional technologies in most applications – especially where high-starting torque, high-speed and/or wide constant power speed range are needed.

Low energy losses in both the rotor and power electronics eases thermal management and enhances reliability and efficiency, whilst the compact stator windings permit great flexibility in motor shape.
In both standard and custom designs, SRDL's Switched Reluctance systems offer uniquely flexible, high-performance and cost-effective variable-speed solutions for all applications.

SR drive   SR drives
Typical Industrial SR
Drive® motor and power
converter – 180kW /
400Vac supply.
spacer SR Drive® motors for many
applications – all shapes, sizes
and power levels.

About Synergy Engineering Ltd.

Synergy Engineering Ltd. is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of custom built, large electrical drive systems. For 20 years Synergy has focused on providing effective solutions to the unique drive system application challenges of their customer in the Mining sector and in other sectors challenged by special large material handling applications.

In 2003, Synergy Ingenería Limitada was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Santiago, Chile. In 2007, Synergy added a field service team in Antofagasta to further improve support of its customers in Chile's Northern Mining sector.

About Switched Reluctance Drives Ltd. (SRDL)

Switched Reluctance Drives Ltd. (SRDL) is a leading engineering and technology provider in the field of advanced electrical machines and drives systems, with a particular focus on Switched Reluctance technology. The company has pioneered the development, application and commercialization of Switched Reluctance technology under its SR Drive® trademark and is now the world leader in this area.

The SR Drives Group is based on a single site in Harrogate UK and comprises two operating companies: Switched Reluctance Drives Ltd. (SRDL), and SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd. (SRDML). Both companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Emerson Electric Co. of St. Louis, Missouri.


Connell Hatch logo

April 2009

Design Fundamentals for Drive Systems on Conveyors

By Luke Meakin and Peter Saxby, Hatch

The combination of a number of factors can result in conveyor drives being undersized or operating in an unsuitable manner. Some of these factors include:
  • The trend to reduce drive sizes by reducing friction coefficients.
  • The trend towards using squirrel cage induction motors under variable voltage variable frequency controls combined without considering the drive characteristics.
(Click here to see the Meakin/Saxby PDF.)