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Drives: Ideal Applications for WRIM and SRC

Secondary Resistive Controllers are used to drive Wound Rotor Induction Motors in a wide range of industries such as:

Conveyor starting:

  • Long, controlled acceleration time
  • Soft, smooth, repeatable

Crusher starting:

  • Limited current inrush (limited to % applied torque)
  • Breakdown torque available with multiple starting

Mill starting:

  • Load sharing is simple
  • Mill speed adjustment available

Variable speed slurry pumps, with minimal speed control:

  • Can match SRC characteristics to pump curve to minimize electrical and mechanical losses, with high reliability

Miscellaneous applications:

  • Reduced speed conveyor off-loading and creep function
  • Automatic load sharing for tar sand characteristics
  • Breakdown torque control for crushers
  • Downhill regenerative conveyor applications