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Synergy Engineering Ltd.
135 Glacier Street
Coquitlam, BC V3K 5Z1

Tel: 604.464.3663
Fax: 604.464.9399

General enquiries:
  Synergy Ingeniería Ltda.
San Sebastian 2812
Of. 407
Las Condes, Chile

Fax: 56.2.952.0353

General enquiries:

Richard W. Neuman, P.Eng.
President & Chairman of the Board
Cell: 604.417.9200
Direct: 604.472.2800

David C. Atkinson
Executive Vice President
Cell: 604.417.9201
Direct: 604.472.2801

Harry Doughty, A.Sc.T.
Vice President
Cell: 604.417.9202
Direct: 604.472.2802

Nicole Neuman, P.Eng.
Vice President
Cell: 604.417.9203
Direct: 604.472.2803

Russell A. Carder
Manager, Automation & Control
Cell: 604.417.9204
Direct: 604.472.2804

Shu Li
Manager, Logistics & Procurement
Cell: 604.417.9214
Direct: 604.472.2814

Adele Eeckhout
Cell: 604.417.9210
Direct: 604.472.2810


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