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Sonic Enclosures and Synergy Engineering are leading a consortium of companies that will work together strategically to play a key role in the upcoming Pacific NorthWest LNG projects in British Columbia. Given the scope and magnitude of these projects, we feel that a team approach is going to be looked upon favourably.

Many EPC companies openly acknowledge that managing a $10M purchase order package takes as much effort as a $20M or $30M package, making it very valuable if an EPC can acquire multiple pieces of equipment and services from a single source.

The consortium we've assembled has over 179 years of business experience with annual sales on a consolidated basis of over $77M and collectively employs 260 professional staff, trades and technicians. Although many of us sell to the same industries, we each bring unique core competencies that when combined create a powerful team.

We are committed to working together on the upcoming Pacific NorthWest LNG projects and believe we can make a more significant contribution to industry by teaming up. For more information on each of the companies we’re collaborating with, please click on the images below.

Sonic Enclosures

Sonic Enclosures Ltd.

Sonic Enclosures has recently delivered over $17M worth of modular electrical rooms to Kitimat and is well positioned to lead the consortium for the upcoming LNG projects in British Columbia. They have the necessary experience, track record, facilities, certifications and strategic relationships with waterfront land owners required to execute these projects in a manner that brings the highest value to the EPCs and owners.

Synergy Engineering

Synergy Engineering Ltd.

Synergy Engineering is a world leader in developing engineered drive systems, integration of industrial power distribution systems, and instrumentation and control. Synergy and Sonic have successfully collaborated on e-House projects globally for over a decade.

Kay-Son Steel Fabricators

KAY-SON Steel Fabricators Ltd.

KAY-SON Steel Fabricators provides comprehensive steel solutions for industrial projects in a variety of sectors. Sonic and KAY-SON have been working closely to improve the design of Sonic's e-Room structures and reduce our production cycle time to help serve their customers better.

Brenco Industries

Brenco Industries Ltd.

Brenco Industries has been a leading metal processing and fabricating shop for over 30 years, and has served a variety of industries. Sonic and Brenco are working closely to standardize the formed sheet metal envelope systems used in Sonic's e-Rooms to improve quality and accuracy.

Hansen Industries

Hansen Industries Ltd.

Hansen Industries is one of the most versatile jobbing shops on the West Coast. Sonic and Hansen are working together to develop a series of standard parts for use inside of Sonic's e-Rooms to help improve the overall quality and fit and finish of their product.

Canadian Engineered Products (CANNEPP)

Canadian Engineered Products and Sales Ltd. (CANNEPP)

Canadian Engineered Products offers unique boiler room and piping solutions for a wide variety of industries. CANNEP and Sonic have collaborated on numerous projects including a steam plant for Bechtel/Rio Tinto which ultimately led to the KMP e-Room contract.